Hello, My name is Andrey Bobkov.

I am a SDI/TDI Instructor #17076.

I have been working as a freeу lance diving instructor since 2009.

To make the most of your stay in Lisvyanka I recommend to try diving in the Baikal.

Local divers dive all year round, in winter we practice ice-diving; in summer time we offer introduction dives option to laymen and experienced divers from Russia and abroad.

We can offer shore diving in Listvyanka. It is also possible to arrange dive safaris to the most interesting parts of the Baikal to be planned in advance, as we have a well-packed schedule in summer.

If you are new to diving, I will teach you how to use the equipment assembling disassembling, managing in the water, thus you will get theoretical knowledge and gain initial practical skills in diving.

If you are already an OWD or higher certificate holder, I will serve as your dive-guide to make your meeting the Baikal.

What are you going to see down there? – Local flora and fauna representatives,

the Baikal bottom relief – canyons, hills, walls and the famous the drop off – the Baikal abyss.

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