Who this program for:

All certified divers willing to explore the depth and look into the eyes of lake Biaikal

All who are ready to done this programme on your experience of the Dry Suit diving

All underwater photographers, ice divers, deep divers, CCR rebreather divers

For all experienced global underwater explorers.

Course requirements:

Plese keep in mind, that it is neither a training session  nor a Scuba Tune-up for someone who has not been diving for a long time. If you are not ready, you will instead have to begin Dry Suit Diver Course or Scuba Discovery Program

What you can expect to see:

The ice of the lake Baikal You will come to the edge of the Baikal Ice

The Drop off of the deepest lake in the World


To explore the depth marine life fishes and spongers (Lubomirskia baicalensis)

Marine life expected to encounter at the dive site

What's in it for you?

During this dive you may found some new ideas in cold water diving and gear arrangements.

Choose Your Dive Activity in lake Baikal  

If you are not certified as a Dry Suit Diver

I offer you introduction dive in a Dry Suit.

Takes 1-1.5 hours 30-40 minutes – getting ready for the dive; 20-30 minutes - diving

Cost for the programme 5500 rub

including all gear rent