Discover local diving

Who this course is for:

All certified divers looking to explore and look  into the eyes of deepest lake in the world in a Dry Suit.

The programme includes: one dive.  

You can add: additional daytime dive(s), night dive(s), boat dive(s)

Discover Local Diving begins with an evaluation of your diving skils in open water folowed by a guided dive.This is my way of confirming that you are ready and safe to dive in a dry suit. Please keep in mind, that it is neither a training session nor a Scuba Tune-up for someone who has not been diving for a long time. If you are not ready to dive, you will instead have to begin Scuba Discovery Programme

Programme cost:

-One dive - 2900 rub (per person) (weights + air + dive guide are included)

-Second dive a day - 900 (per person)

-All gear rent + dry suit one day rent - 2700 rub

-Air 12-15 liters bottle 400 rub for second dive

-Each next dive a day - 900 rub (dive guide fee)

-Car transfers within Listvyanka for two people 700 rub

-GoPro footage- 299 rub

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