Dry Suit Diver

Who this programme is for:

All certified  diver(s) looking for advanced training in dry suit equipment in the cold water

The course teaches You the different types of dry suit and cold water equipment and how to use them in lake Baikal.

It is a big different to diving in a dry suit so we start the course off in shallow confined water

One day programme cost - 12000 Rub per person

Included in the cost:

Dry Suit Diver knowlege book (you will download if you book the course)

All gear rent + dry suit + English speaking scuba instructor for two dives

Car transfers within Listvyanka for two people

What is not included in the programme!

*Certificate is not included in the programme cost:

Transfer Irkutsk Listvyanka- 1700 Rub

GoPro footage- 299 Rub

If the student demonstrates all the skills correctly and the instructor decides to issue a certificate, postal delivery to the student’s address and certificate will cost - 2900 rub

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