Excursions in Irkutsk City


There are several options to continue the tour:

1. A visit to Irkutsk City Art Museum (they have a hall devoted to the famous Russian artist (marine landscapes) Ivan Aivazovsky, as this year we celebrate his 200th anniversary)

2. A visit to Decembrists’ Museum (they were the nobles who spreaded revolutionary ideas in Russia in 1825 and were sent on a 35-year exile to Siberia, the museum is the real house of the Volkonsky family)

3. A visit to Znamensky monastery - not only the church, but also the graveyard around it is of interest, we will see the tombs of Irkutsk famous merchants, some of the Decembrists.

4. A visit to District 130 - it is an old-style touristic district, there are very many log-houses decorated with traditional intricate wood carving, souvenir shops, cafes.

The average walking tour duration is 3 hours.

The tour price is 2000 rubles + museum tickets

Please, let me know what tour option you are interested in, when you would like us to make it, where in Irkutsk you are staying.

My name is Alexandra Bobkov.

So here is a programme I can offer:

We start at a historical centre of the city, visit or just walk past (depending on what your heart tells you) Church of the Saviour and Epiphany Cathedral - two constructions, absolutely different in architectural style, but similar in their historic meaning for the city. There is also a Catholic church in the neighbourhood. We will also visit the central square of Irkutsk. During this part of the tour you will learn about the very early history of Irkutsk settlement, the lives of the merchants who developed the region and pulled forward the exploration of East Siberia and the Far East of Russia, including Russian settlements in the present-day California, which were under the rule of Irkutsk general-gouverner, and, of course, more recent events: the Revolution of 1917, Irkutsk during World War II, present-day life. 


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