Who this course is for:

The certified diver(s) who want to expand their diving season to all year round and explore the Baikal Ice diving.

What is included in the couse prise:

All gear and equipment rent

Sertificate mail delivery


GoPro footage

Cost -$550 per person

Course availability: from February to April annually

What you can expect to learn:

Effects of the cold

Physiological aspects of cold water diving

Emergency aspects of cold water diving

The fist aid for cold exposure

Equipment for ice diving


Dry Suit


Hole-cutting equipment

Surface support procedures

Duties and responsibilities

Lines and securing

Line tending


Lost diver procedures

Safety diver


Diving lights


Test lights and equipment

Cpecial procedures for low air temperature

Skills you will have to demonstrate:

Review of scuba skills on land

Dive plan

Cut hole in ice

Line handling and short line signals on land

Enter water

Each diver must rotate and practice as surface support, safety diver and diver

Line hadling and simulated lost diver procedures


Log dive

What's in it for you?

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in diving activities without direct supervision of the instructor so long as the following limits are adhered to:  -The diving activities approximate those of training

-The areas of activities approximate those of training

-Environmental conditions approximate those of training


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