Listvyanka shore diving

Listvyanka is a constituent part of pribaikalsky National Park, so offers a lot to explore both on the surface and underwater. We recommend it to visit Lake Baikal Museum before going for a dive. The Museum is a research centre and a part of East Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Having visited the museum you will learn about the history of Lake Baikal formation; its fauna and flora representatives; its most famous explorers; its role in the country and regional economy. There is also an aquarium for you to see Lake Baikal endemic fish species and, of course, the freshwater seal - nerpa.

A guided trour of the Museum is 1 000 rubles + entrance fee.

Listvyanka dive sites are waiting to roll all their beauty in front of you: sand and stone landscapes, decorated with lake Baikal sponges; picturesque canyons and the famous drop off - Lake Baikal abyss - are sure to become your impressions of a life-time.

Price list:

1. One dive - 2 500 rubles (air, weights, dive guide service included)

2.Car transfer within Listvyanka - 700 rubles

3.Go Pro footage 299 rubles


Please contact me to book a dive at dive.baikal.with@me.com