Russian 3 Bolt trial dive

Who this programme is for:

For those interested in testing heavy ventilated dive equipment

made in USSR.

Three bolt equipment is a type of dive gear which has been used in Russian Navy Rescue and commercial diving purposes since 19th century.

This dive gear consits of an air supplied copper helmet (with wire communication system) that is fastened to a dry suit by three copper bolts and nuts. Two 19 kg lead weights are attached to the chest and the back. Boots are made of copper and together with lead weights they make you feel as comfortable on the depth as in a submarine.

The dive is conducted in the swimming pool on the premises of Ministry of Emergencies Training Base.

What is included in the price-5800 Rub

All gear rent

English speaking scuba instructor

Support stuff: two divers in help in doning the dry suit and servicing

Car transfers within Listvyanka for two people

You also may book

Transfer Irkutsk Listvyanka- 1700 Rub

GoPro footage- 299 Rub

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